It is with shock and a heavy heart we announce John Deere have made (in our opinion brutal) the decision that Sharmans are not to be part of their future Growth Strategy and have advised that we will not continue to be John Deere dealers effective 31st October 2020.

Despite being number one in our area for the last 25 years and never missing a target, this is now our harsh reality…

We first learnt of John Deere’s latest global Growth Strategy at a meeting in Agritechnica, November 2019.  All 350 European dealer groups were informed that in future there would be a reduction of approx. a third to a fifth of current dealer groups, as well as an expectation of meeting the following criteria:

·         Double Current Tractor Area (varies by dealer)

·         100m Euros Turnover

·         30 Combines, 15 Foragers to be sold each year

Although this comes as a shock to our dedicated and long-standing team of staff and our loyal customer base, we are resolute in continuing to provide our first-class support to the farming community and assure you that we will go from strength to strength as a solid, stable, family business.

Together with our wealth of agricultural business experience, committed workforce, premium suppliers and loyal customers, Sharmans will continue to embrace the future.

In the meantime, please be reassured that we will provide our usual service and support to all our customers.

Solid. Stable. Still Sharmans!