ATV Safety

ATV - Safety is Paramount 




We would strongly encourage you to take advantage of the EASI (European ATV Safety Institute) Rider Training. This training is offered to you free of charge by Sharmans and Honda when purchasing a new ATV. Normally the course would cost £180. The EASI RIDER ATV safety training course takes four and a half hours, is available for all ATV riders. The QVC Generic Loading, Towing and Reversing (GLTR) module can be added to the EASI Rider course to make this a full day programme, subject to terms, conditions and availability.

See below for content detail.

ATV riders and operators who have completed the EASI Rider basic course can book the QVC GLTR module. Training is provided at UK centres and can, in certain circumstances, be arranged at customer's premises.

Successful candidates will be issued with a certificate, which may fulfill their HSE compliancy, depending on their indivdual company's risk assessment. 

The QVC GLTR module can either be taken on the same day as the EASI Rider course or as a stand alone option at a later date, providing they have taken the EASI Rider course previously.


The GLTR module is conducted by an EASI qualified instructor and includes:


Introduction and legalities:

Discussion about the structure, aims and objectives of the module including an explanation and discussion about the legalisation and regulations that apply to employers and employees in their everyday working environment (HASAW and PUWER)


Appropriate riding techniques are demonstrated then practised in the ability to reverse an ATV.

Loading your ATV:

This session involves sourcing and identifying individual machine-recommended front, rear and combined loading weights . Information and demonstrations show how to calculate maximum load weights as well as how to distribute and secure carrying loads. 

Towing Trailers:

Load, tow and tongue weights are all identified, discussed and calculated during this session. This distribution and security of loads in the trailer as well as the safe hitching and effect on different handling techniques are all employed and practiced. Reversing with a trailer techniques are also demonstrated and practiced. 

Trail Ride:

Slope assessment, risk assessment, rider ability, machine capability, loads and additional machine equipment are some of the factors which may affect on operator's decision on where and when they choose to operate their equipment.