Extended Warranty (PowerGard)




PowerGard Maintenance:


This is a plan to do all the maintenance work on your John Deere tractor according to the service schedule in the operator's manual.

  • Ensures optimum performance and reliability
  • Saves fuel
  • Only genuine John Deere filters and oils are used
  • Full service history enhances residual value


When you arrange for the dealer to do the work:


  • You benefit from the knowledge and experience of a LTA certified technician 
  • The dealer disposes of waste fluids and filters
  • You can focus on your core business



Whats Best For You?

PowerGard Maintenance agreements provide basic preventative maintenance protection and are essential for keeping equipment in good working order.

PowerGard Protection agreements provide two levels of advanced protection for total peace of mind. The agreements even cover unusual events that can lead to costly repairs, less a deductible for each repair.